Integrate with Metasploit

With the VolatileMinds Metasploit plugin, you can search for and purchase modules and exploit packs directly from the Metasploit console. Using our system of credits, you may purchase any number of credits you want. These credits can be used in the web store or from the console to purchase any desired modules.

Installing the Plugin

Download the latest plugin here. You can install the plugin in your user-specific Metasploit configuration directory.

User-specific Installation

To install the plugin for only your user, you simply need to copy the plugin. After downloading the plugin, copy it to the Metasploit configuration directory in your home folder:

$ mkdir -p ~/.msf4/plugins
$ cp volatileminds.rb ~/.msf4/plugins

Using the Plugin

Once the plugin is downloaded and installed correctly, we can start the Metasploit console up and load the plugin.

msf> load volatileminds

After the plugin is loaded, you will have an assortment of new commands at your disposal in the console. For instance, in order to authenticate with VolatileMinds to purchase or sync your modules, you would use the vm_login command.

msf> vm_login username password

Alternatively, you may generate and use an authentication token in the web store so you don't need to put a username and password into the console. Users that sign up using their social media accounts are required to use an authentication token when using the Metasploit plugin.

Once authenticated, you can sync any purchased modules. Any account created on VolatileMinds has access to the free scanner modules by default. Syncing after authenticating, even if no modules have been purchased, will still sync many new modules for you to use to scan for and find enterprise and other software on the network.

msf> vm_sync

The plugin will automatically load any new modules that were downloaded and installed.